Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! A rolling stone gathers no moss! A stitch in time saves nine??? Remember me? The foolish life insurance agent who yelled wolf in HIV clothing last year leaving a lot of people ticked at me when the underwriters declined the applications and acted like I had invented the whole thing to make myself a martyr for the cause. Needless to say, since I believe that some day life insurance approval for HIV+ will be a reality and that it won’t be that long, I have left most of the blog content on the internet and get contacts almost daily.

Fortunately I have found a company that will underwrite HIV+ life insurance for business purposes and I’ve helped dozens in that forum, but personal life insurance hasn’t popped up again until this last week. I’m a long ways from saying game on again because I am still a little raw from the last experience. This week though I had a company contact me that claims to be able to underwrite up to $1 million of personal, permanent life insurance in the form of a no lapse guarantee UL for HIV+for those that meet the underwriting criteria. We know from past experience that if they do come up with the criteria, it’s going to look like someone who is HIV+ but shows no signs of ever having had it other than their daily Atripla antiretroviral tablet.

But that’s where the “fools me twice” comes in. It’s been over a week since they said they could do it and I still haven’t received anything other than vague underwriting guidelines. I have assured them that they won’t receive any applications until we are clear on the guidelines and that all cases will be sent in with lab documentation informally prior to an application for pre-approval. I have assured them that I will do the homework on all of my clients to the point that they will know when they do receive an application it absolutely meets all of their criteria. No surprises should lead to no life insurance declines, but that’s what we thought when they fooled me the first time.

Bottom line. So it is with an abundance of caution that I don’t announce today that I may be able to get fully underwritten life insurance approved from a highly rated company for a select few HIV+ clients. If I do get over that hurdle, it won’t be talked about in my blogs. I have a small group of select clients that, if they meet the criteria, will test the waters. God willing it won’t be thrown in our faces again. If you have questions, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.