Heart Disease Life Insurance

Heart Disease Life Insurance

Qualifying for life insurance may be difficult when you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease. This is because many life insurance companies consider heart disease to be a risky and severe medical condition. Some insurers require applicants to wait a year or more after diagnosis to get a better idea of how the condition is progressing. In some cases you can get an insurance as soon as 6 months after diagnosis and treatment if you have completed a post treatment stress test. If you have heart disease, you still have plenty of options available and you’ve found the right agent to help you.

Heart Disease Life Insurance

Applying for Heart Disease Life Insurance

While reviewing your application for life insurance coverage, underwriters will usually request information about your heart condition such as the following:

  • What symptoms or health issues have led to your diagnosis?
  • When were you first diagnosed?
  • Do you have a family history of heart disease?
  • Has anyone in your family died as a result of heart disease?
  • What medications are you currently taking?
  • Can you provide a copy of the narrative summary of a stress test?

It is important to include as much information as possible to help underwriters determine your acceptance and rates. If any details are omitted, it may increase your premium rate or it may lead to a decline because the details indicated a higher risk.

Policies You Can Qualify For

Standard – Applicants who have been diagnosed with heart disease and are otherwise in good health may be classified in this category. This is particularly the case if the applicant applies for coverage after a stress test with good results.

Table Rated — While your actual rating depends on the seriousness of your condition, age of diagnosis, and overall health, you may fall somewhere in this category. This means that you will be required to pay a higher rate than a policyholder in the standard class. This is because your heart condition presents a higher risk to the insurer. We work hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Heart Disease Life Insurance Tip:

Those under age 50 at the time of a cardiac event will be rated higher for heart disease life insurance than those after 50, but this is often offset by the fact that the cost per thousand is lower at younger ages. If a person over 50 has a one vessel angioplasty, moderate blockage with no heart attack and has good follow up, once that first work up is done, they should be able to apply and get standard or better rates for life insurance, regardless of their heart condition. If that same person had a heart attack with severe blockage but minimal damage to the heart, post workup could be approved at rates 75-100% above standard.

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