Anxiety and ADD Life Insurance

Anxiety and ADD Life Insurance

Anxiety and ADHD life insurance is attainable and affordable. If something that impacts your day to day life can be called minor, anxiety and ADD/ADHD would be considered the two minor mood disorders from a mental health and life insurance underwriting view. While both, to their extreme can cause serious life and relationship issues, there are far more with these mood disorders who, because of good management, are doing very well in life.

ADD and ADHD are, in general, easily treated and controlled mental health pre-existing condtions. What I’ve discovered in 20 years of helping find life insurance for people with these mood disorders is that many who suffer from ADD and ADHD are actually benefiting to some extent from it. Some of the most successful people, CEO’s, doctors, attorneys and the like benefit from controlled hyperactivity. It gives them a drive to succeed that with proper medical management can be beneficial. When I present one of these cases to underwriters, I always drive home all the positives so they know that control is bringing success.

I would argue that if someone isn’t suffering from some amount of anxiety they should be in this day and age. Anxiety can be completely disabling and it can be just a small issue in life if well controlled and managed. Anxiety can usually be managed with a single medication, like ADD, and if it is and the disorder isn’t causing life problems, underwriters will look favorably. Remember, when it comes to life insurance: like almost any mental health impairment, mood disorder, or pre-existing condition, compliance with your doctor’s orders and the control that comes with it are the determining factors in good life insurance rates.

Let me help you present your story to underwriters that will get you the life insurance you need, affordably.

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