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Can A Life Insurance Decline Or Rating Be Changed?

Am I dying if I’ve been declined for life insurance?

When I’m contacted by a potential life insurance client who was recently declined or highly rated when they applied through another agent, I’m often asked, “Does this mean I’m dying and my doctor didn’t tell me?” On the surface it sure makes sense that if a life insurance company thinks you’re too big a risk to approve, you must be too close to death for them. I’m going to try to make sense of the three biggest frustrations that a life insurance applicant can run into, being declined for life insurance, being highly rated or being treated poorly by the life insurance agent or agency.

Are you out of luck when you’ve been declined?

It has amazed me for 20+ years of helping people with life insurance just how many are told, after they are declined for life insurance, that they won’t be approved by other traditional life insurance companies and should just consider buying guaranteed issue life insurance. Guaranteed issue life insurance is exactly what it says. The company guarantees to provide you life insurance even if you know your life expectancy is short. The truth is that most life insurance agents are too lazy to look beyond a decline and see if there are other companies (besides guaranteed issue) that will approve a policy.

The answer is no, you aren’t out of luck. You just need to find an agent that understands that a decline is just one company’s opinion and, with a little homework on why the decline happened, and a little shopping, a company that will approve your application will almost always be found. It all comes down to a life insurance company’s underwriting guidelines and philosophy. Most companies have a philosophy that any risk is not acceptable and they write their guidelines to make sure their underwriters don’t approve a policy that has perceived risk.

How do you find the right agent and company?

If you’re reading this article you already found the right agent. Hinerman Group has spent 20+ years educating ourselves in how to understand health issues and how to present the relevant information to the right companies. The companies that truly want to approve policies that other companies have declined do use underwriting guidelines, but as guidelines, not rules. They take the time to put the whole picture together and give the benefit to those who might have health issues, but are doing all the right stuff to make sure they live a long life. They give credit to those applicants that are compliant with their doctor’s recommendations and are proactive about their health.

Hinerman Group works hard for you to find the right life insurance company that will turn your decline into an approval. We have the knowledge of health issues and the connections with all of the right companies. Let us help!