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Ed understands that everyone’s insurance needs are different. To help you find the right high risk life insurance quote at the best possible price, he starts by finding out what your goals are. Even if you have been declined life insurance in the past, been “rated,” work in a high-risk occupation, are over 50 or have health problems, the Hinerman Group may be able to help you. Receive your no hassle, confidential life insurance quote for all situations from the best providers available.

Please feel free to call or text him at 719-539-7914 or email him directly at

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Ed Hinerman
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Life Insurance can be overwhelming, particularly when you have been rated or declined. Do not let that stop you from protecting what you have built and your family. The Hinerman Group blog is a wonderful resources to educate yourself about the ins and outs of Life Insurance and the industry in general. If you have more questions after reading the blog be sure to contact Ed directly.

Want to talk? Call Ed directly at (719) 539-7914 for a FREE CONSULTATION. *Ed released the fish and it went on to have a full life.


My 20 years of experience gives me the knowledge and leverage to find reasonably priced Life Insurance for people who have been declined or are paying more than they need to.

Let’s get together and get it done right for you and your family!