Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

Prostate Cancer Life InsuranceIf you are a prostate cancer survivor or current patient who is using watchful waiting or active surveillance instead of treatment, seeking life insurance, you may have concerns about high rates or the possibility of denial. The good news is that, depending on your specific treatments received and overall health, finding an affordable life insurance policy to protect your loved ones might be easier than you think.

The Underwriting Process for Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

When applying for a term life insurance policy, underwriters will ask for some basic information about your general health and prostate cancer history. Each life insurance company will also need to evaluate:

  • Age of your diagnosis
  • Type of treatments received
  • Date of last treatment
  • Stage and grade of the cancer
  • Pre-treatment AND current PSA levels
  • Gleason score

Every insurance provider has their own guidelines for approval, so some providers may be a better fit for your unique health profile. The best way to avoid overpaying for coverage is to work with an agency that will compare quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance Tip:

1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their life. Most will be over age 60. Prostate cancer life insurance can be very affordable because low stage (T1a, b or c) and low grade (Gleason score 6 or 7) are very curable with the 5 year survival rate at almost 100%.

If Your Application is Denied

If you have prostate cancer and your application was declined, there is an alternative. Hinerman Group can often find a different company that will approve coverage. Remember, not all companies treat health challenges equally.

Find Affordable Prostate Life Insurance

The Hinerman Group has been very successful in finding affordable rates for individuals with prostate cancer. Reach out and let us help you find the best life insurance policy to fit your needs.

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The Hinerman Group knows that every situation is unique and it can be difficult finding the best answers. Be sure to check out our blog where you will find a comprehensive bank of topics covered regarding Life Insurance. The background covered in The Hinerman Group blog will point you in the right direction and help you get your family the coverage you need.

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