Family History Life Insurance

Family History Life Insurance

Given your immediate family history (mother, father and siblings) do you really know how you stack up in family history life insurance underwriting. While it generally isn’t considered beyond your immediate family, your family’s health history is taken into account. In most cases we are talking about a death or disease prior to age 60.

I hear all about how it’s not fair when talking to clients. “I know my Dad died of a heart attack at age 55, but he was overweight and smoked and drank…”. The fact that you aren’t following in those footsteps is a good thing, but the challenge for an underwriter is twofold when underwriting family history life insurance. Without your Dad’s medical records none of that can be proven and even with all the bad habits your Dad may have been prone to coronary artery disease and genetically you might be too.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies who have dropped family history of cancer from their guidelines. There are exceptions even for those companies that don’t hold cancer as a tier one guideline. If you have an extensive family history of, say, breast cancer it can and probably should be considered. If you’re female and your mom and a sister or two had breast cancer a company could rightly rate for that.

We always screen clients on family history to ensure that whatever company we entrust with their application will have the best stance leading to the best possible online life insurance quote.

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