High Limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment Life Insurance

High Limit AD&D Insurance

High limit accident insurance provides accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. This is typically an add-on to a health insurance or life insurance policy. Typically, the beneficiaries on the policy will receive a lump-sum payment if the policy holder dies in an accident. The policyholder can also receive living benefits if they are injured, and the amount received often depends on the type of injury.

High Limit AD&D Insurance

AD&D Insurance Coverage

AD&D insurance will cover fatality, paralysis, limb loss, eyesight, hearing, speech, and other unexpected circumstances. AD&D does not, however, provide coverage when the insured dies of natural causes, like cancer and heart disease.

This type of insurance also provides 24-hour coverage for accidents at any location. The areas of coverage include:

  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of Speech
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Loss of a Hand, Foot, or Sight
  • Loss of Thumb and Index Finger on Either Hand
  • Loss of Movement

 Who Can Benefit From AD&D Insurance?

Having yourself insured can help your family pay day-to-day living expenses, ensure your children’s education, pay medical bills, and rebuild their lives. Accidents cannot be prevented, but you can prepare for them. If you have a hazardous occupation or regularly participate in dangerous activities, AD&D insurance is highly recommended. For example, AD&D insurance is advisable for civilian contractors working in war zones and private pilots who have a higher risk for accidents, although many pilots can be covered for aviation with a traditional life insurance policy.

High Limit AD&D Insurance Tip:

When traditional life insurance charges too much for a “dangerous” occupation or avocation, it’s often a prudent move to exclude coverage under your traditional policy and add accidental death and dismemberment coverage to cover that. A good example would be a private pilot who participates in activities outside the comfort zone of traditional life insurance companies. In most states they can take an aviation exclusion negating the high rate they would have been charged (called a flat extra charge) and buy an aviation coverage AD&D policy for less than the flat extra would have been.

Traditional life insurance can also be pretty abusive with their flat extra charges for skydiving, scuba diving and mountain and technical rock climbing. Traditional life insurance will charge extra for mountain climbing over 14,000 feet, a laughable guideline in Colorado where there are 56 mountains with summits between 14,000 and 14,400 feet, those last 400 feet usually just being a high altitude walk.

How Does AD&D Insurance Coverage Work?

 In general, an AD&D insurance policy will pay the insured one-half of the policy’s value for each covered injury, which includes body parts and vital physical functions. For example, if an employee loses sight in one eye or loses a hand, they would receive 50% of the policy’s coverage. But if they lose both hands or lose sight in both eyes, the policyholder would be entitled to receive 100% of the policy’s coverage.

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