Bipolar Life Insurance

Bipolar Disorder Life Insurance

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans every year. In past years, there was a wide belief that people with bipolar disorder could not get life insurance. However, after recent advancements in drug treatments and greater understanding of the disorder, it is now much more common for someone with Bipolar to find life insurance coverage. If you’re living with bipolar disorder, there are a few options to consider when searching for an affordable life insurance policy.

Bipolar Disorder Life Insurance

 Traditional Life Insurance Policies

Unlike other insurance agencies, we give priority to bipolar cases. In addition, we provide customized plans to ensure applicants with bipolar disorder choose the best policy to fit their needs. Traditional life insurance, unlike guaranteed issue, provides either term or permanent coverage to the policyholder. These policies are fully in force upon approval and payment of the first premium and would pay a death benefit to the insured’s beneficiary even shortly after going in force. We can generally get traditional life coverage as long as your bipolar is well controlled.

Bipolar Life Insurance Tip:

Life insurance companies take these five areas into consideration when underwriting bipolar disorder life insurance:

  1. Have you ever been hospitalized for bipolar disorder?
  2. Have you attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts?
  3. Have you been unable to work due to bipolar disorder? Are you on disability for bipolar disorder?
  4. What medication(s) are you on?
  5. Do you have a stable family life and a productive and stable work history?


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy with a Graded Death Benefit

 Our platform is the most convenient way to make sure your loved ones are financially secured. This can be purchased if you have a severe type of bipolar disorder and does not require you to answer health questions or undergo a medical exam. You can get up to $100,000 and have coverage fully in force within a month of applying.

Contact Us for Affordable Bipolar Life Insurance

Everyone deserves affordable life insurance. If you have bipolar disorder, contact us to learn how we can help secure a policy that best fits your needs.

Hinerman Group has been a leader in finding affordable bipolar 2 life insurance for nearly 20 years. We would like to show you that we can get the job done, even where other agencies have failed. Call us. We can help.


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