Bipolar Life Insurance

Bipolar Disorder Life Insurance

While bipolar 1 and 2 have kind of been lumped together in the collective psyche of our country, bipolar disorder life insurance underwriting draws a clear distinction. It is interesting though that when you look up information on bipolar 2, such as the suicide rate which is much lower than bipolar 1, the articles you find lump the statistics together.

Bipolar 2 is characterized by cycles of depression mixed in with hypomanic episodes where moods and behaviors are is elevated above normal behavior. In medically well controlled bipolar disorder it is fairly common for the depression to be very mild. In an interesting twist the hypomanic trait is sometimes found to be the driving force in very successful people.

Life insurance companies take these five areas into consideration when underwriting bipolar disorder life insurance:

  1. Have you ever been hospitalized for bipolar disorder?
  2. Have you attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts?
  3. Have you been unable to work due to bipolar disorder? Are you on disability for bipolar disorder?
  4. What medication(s) are you on?
  5. Do you have a stable family life and a productive and stable work history?

There are some life insurance companies that specialize in clinical underwriting, making their decisions based more on you as an individual than underwriting you in a bucket with everyone who who has bipolar disorder. The keys to success are how well you’re functioning in life and how closely you monitor and comply with your treatment.

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