Flight Instructor Life Insurance

Flight Instructor Life Insurance

As a flight instructor, some life insurance companies may consider you a higher-risk candidate and subject you to higher rates. Keep in mind that not all companies underwrite equally on every subject. At Hinerman Group, we understand the difficulties flight instructors can face, and we are here to help you through the process and find an affordable policy to fit your needs.Flight instructor life insurance

Underwriting Process for Flight Instructors

During the underwriting process, you’ll be asked about your occupation, general health, medical history, any risky hobbies, and other questions. Life insurance companies use this information to weigh the risks of insuring you and to determine your classification.

Other questions underwriters may ask include the following:

  • Your level of training
  • How often you fly
  • Certifications obtained
  • Whether your flight medical is up to date
  • Type of aircraft you fly

When answering these questions, you should be as honest as possible. It might be prudent to check your flight log and your medical certificate just to ensure accurate answers.

Life Insurance Classifications

Every life insurance company treats each person and their situation differently. Depending on your age, how frequently you fly, and other factors above, you can receive one of the following life insurance classifications:

Preferred Plus is the best life insurance classification that receives the lowest premiums. Individuals in this classification are generally CFII rated and fly more than 50 hours a year

Preferred classifications receive lower rates and this generally covers CFI ratings and 30-50 hours a year. However, these are still competitively priced

Standard classification individuals might meet the qualifications above but, for instance, have a height and weight that precludes the better rate classes.

If you have an instructor rating with more than 250 total pilot in command hours and fly more than 50 hours annually, you are likely to receive a higher classification.

Affordable Life Insurance for Flight Instructors

At Hinerman Group, we have the expertise to find affordable life insurance for flight instructors. We can also find great rates for pilots, private pilots, student pilots, and more. To learn more about how we can help, call us for a free consultation today.

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