Obesity Life Insurance

Obesity Life Insurance

Maybe obesity is too strong a word in some cases, but life insurance companies all use “build” charts and what rate class you qualify for can be changed or determined by your height and weight. Obesity life insurance charts can vary wildly from company to company so if you think your build might be questionable know that I will match you to the best company for your specific situation.

On the high end of things there are those who struggle with weight problems that are pretty extreme. The most aggressive life insurance companies have capped their approvals on obesity life insurance up to age 65 at a BMI of less than 50 (5’10”, 345#, 5’4”, 285#, 6’2, 385#, etc). We can get approvals at a BMI under 50 if there are no serious health problems. While obesity caused health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, fatty liver and kidney disease can be successfully underwritten  and approved, the combination of any of those with extreme obesity makes approval harder.

So let’s talk about the rate classes from the best up to standard and what build it takes to qualify using the same three heights above. Preferred Best (5’10, 202#, 5’4, 169#, 6’2, 225). Preferred (5’10, 216#, 5’4, 180#, 6’2, 241). Standard plus (5’10, 229#, 5’4, 192#, 6’2, 256#). Standard (5’10, 264#, 5’4, 221#, 6’2, 295#).

If weight is an issue in your life it’s best we talk about life insurance options for overweight & obese individuals and make sure we look to the right company for the best rate you can qualify for.

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