Melanoma Life Insurance

Melanoma Life Insurance

Melanoma Life InsuranceMelanoma is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer and is responsible for over 10,000 deaths in the United States each year. There are nearly 80,000 diagnosed with melanoma each year. When a person is diagnosed with melanoma, it might be a wake up call to consider life insurance to ensure their family’s financial security. Although getting life insurance with melanoma may seem challenging, the experts at The Hinerman Group can make the process easy.

The Underwriting Process for Melanoma Life Insurance

To get the lowest possible rate, you should select an independent agent that has a good working knowledge of which companies are most likely to approve your application. In doing so, you can provide a clear picture of your health and allow your agent to make an informed decision about your health classification and policy rates. During this process, you should expect to complete an application with questions concerning your general health, lifestyle, melanoma diagnosis, treatments received, and more.

The insurance agent may also ask these additional questions to help in the shopping process:

  • When were you first diagnosed?
  • What stage did your doctor assign to the melanoma?
  • Is there a history of melanocytic dysplastic nevu?
  • After your recovery, was there a recurrence?
  • What treatments did you receive?
  • When was the date of your last treatment?
  • Was your treatment considered successful and what is the doctor’s prognosis?
  • Are you currently adhering to post-treatment follow-up visits?
  • Are you currently being treated for other health issues?

Your agent can best help you if you can provide the surgical biopsy report.

Life Insurance by Melanoma Stage

Insurance companies will use the stage of melanoma as a large factor when determining the policies and rates available to you. The general guidelines by cancer stage include the following:

  • In situ Melanoma: Standard plus life insurance rates are available after surgery.
  • Stage 1a Melanoma: Life insurance is available at standard rates after surgery.
  • Stage 1b Melanoma: Life insurance is available at standard rates after surgery.
  • Stage 2a Melanoma: With this stage, most life insurers will postpone coverage for 1 year after surgery. When insurance becomes available, a flat extra of $7.50 – $10.00 per every $1,000 will be added to the policy for a period of 3-5 years.
  • Melanoma Stage 2b: A flat extra of $10.00 per every $1,000 of coverage is available after a one to three year postpone after surgery with some insurers.
  • Stage 3 Melanoma: Obtaining life insurance at this stage requires lengthy postpone periods of 5 years or longer after your last day of treatment.
  • Stage 4 Melanoma: At this stage, life insurance is limited to the accidental death benefit and guaranteed issue policies. Coverage amounts for a guaranteed issue policy are limited to $100,000. Accidental death can be obtained up to 10 x your annual income

Find Affordable Life Insurance with Melanoma

The Hinerman Group has been very successful in finding affordable rates for individuals diagnosed with melanoma. Reach out and let us help you find the best life insurance policy to fit your needs.

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