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How Soon After I Quit Smoking Can I Get Non-Smoker Rates?

Are non smoker life insurance rates a big deal?

There has always been, justifiably, a large difference between smoking and non smoking life insurance rates. Let’s dig right in with an example, assuming a male age 45 in great health, but a smoker. He is applying for $500,000 of 30 year term life insurance. The best rate available for this man is $3680 a year or $320.16 a month. If the same guy didn’t smoke and hadn’t smoked for at least 3 years he would have life insurance rates of $934.99 a year or $80.41 a month. Anyway you analyze this scenario I think it can be concluded fairly that paying one fourth as much makes non smoker life insurance rates a big deal.

How soon after I quit can I be considered a non smoker?

We’ll stick with the same example above and show you how, best case, this will work for you. Once you have not smoked (or used nicotine aids like Nicorette gum) for 12 months you are considered a non smoker and are eligible for standard non smoker rates. So our guy above would be 46 and he could apply for standard non smoker rates, the best of which would be $1955 a year or $171.78 a month. A huge savings by any measure. While this picture gets better each year he remains a non smoker I encourage clients to grab the rate change when it is available because a health change could ruin the downward trend in what you are paying.

At 2 years as a non smoker he can preferred non smoker rates. He is now 47 and for the same life insurance coverage he would pay $1342.99 a year or $115.50 a month, almost one third of what he was paying as a smoker. When he is three years out from that nasty habit, with some companies, he can get the best rate class available, preferred plus non smoker rates. So, at age 48 his rates for that same policy would be $1284.99 a year or $110.51 a month. That rate would be locked in for the next 30 years, guaranteed.

A big deal?

By any measure non smoking life insurance rates are, again justifiably, far lower than smoking rates. If you have quit smoking, contact Hinerman Group to plug in and start getting the life insurance you may not have been able to afford when you still smoked. Don’t wait. Call us.