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Life Insurance When You Have Been Declined

If all life insurance companies and all life insurance agents were the same then no one would have a bad experience when applying for life insurance. At the Hinerman Group we know we can get you health or high risk life insurance you need at fair and affordable rates. Whether you are completely healthy or have health, occupation or other challenges we can helpOur clients are our testimony!

If you have been declined life insurance recently or in the past, been charged a higher rate than you were quoted, work in a high-risk occupation, or are over 50 (60 or 70?), affordable rates for health and high risk life insurance are attainable through The Hinerman Group. We offer fantastic, no hassle, service, and the best companies.

The on line life insurance market place is dominated by companies that live and breathe quantity at the expense of your experience. It doesn’t have to happen that way and we will work personally with you to make sure you are satisfied with the end product of our hard work.

20 years of experience and relationships with underwriters means we will find the best life insurance solution at affordable rates for you. The life insurance company won’t get a dime of your money until we’ve successfully served you and met your life insurance needs.

If you have been treated as a high-risk or have been declined a  life insurance policy we can help you. Let’s get together and get it done right for you and your family! Call or email and we can get started on an impaired risk life insurance policy with affordable rates today. Contact us for an online life insurance quote, or call at (866) 539-7914. We would love to earn your business.


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 Insurance Quotes (including High Risk) You Can Trust

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Ed’s goal for you is to protect your family and loved ones no matter your risk profile and situation. A nationally acknowledged expert in High Risk Life Insurance, the Hinerman Group has the answers you need. Read our blog to learn more about the Insurance Industry and the specific situation you face today.

More questions? Call Ed directly at (719) 539-7914 for a FREE CONSULTATION. *Ed released the fish and it went on to have a full life. Occasionally Ed receives postcards from new waters and pictures of grandfish.

My 20 years of experience give me the knowledge and leverage to find reasonably priced Life Insurance for people who have been declined or are paying more than they need to.

Let’s get together and get it done right for you and your family!