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Asthma Life Insurance

For those with asthma life insurance can still be attainable and affordable, if you use the right agent who uses the right company. With well controlled mild to moderate asthma rates can be as good as preferred. With moderate to severe asthma, life insurance rates could be standard or worse depending on underwriting variables.

Some of the criteria looked at include whether you smoke. Anyone who smokes nicotine or THC based products is at a higher risk of bronchial issues and that would preclude preferred rates. For the best rates there needs to be no recent hospitalization or lost time from work due to asthma. You should have a fairly recent pulmonary function test showing normal results. Life insurance underwriting for those with asthma will also look at hobbies such as scuba diving and high altitude hiking or mountain climbing. I’m not sure where that puts me living at 8255 feet above sea level, but obviously those hobbies can carry extra risk for someone with asthma.

Most people with asthma have a prescription for a “rescue inhaler”. For the best rates use of a bronchodilator needs to be sporadic and fairly rare. You can be on daily oral medications but depending on the severity of your asthma this could mean approval at higher than preferred rates.

In summary the most important considerations are whether your asthma is mild, moderate or severe, how it affects your life and life style, whether it has led to medical emergencies and if you are compliant with your medical plan. Hinerman Group has a wealth of experience in finding the best rates for people with health challenges and we’ve been very successful for clients with asthma.