Skin Cancer Life Insurance

Skin Cancer Life Insurance

Acquiring skin cancer life insurance may be easier than you think. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. While the majority of cases aren’t life threatening, melanoma can be very aggressive and, if not caught early, deadly.

Most skin cancer cases are basal cell carcinoma which is almost never life threatening, but often a good wake up call for us sun worshipers. Face it, having a doctor announce that you have CANCER is unnerving even when it’s found to be a non-life-threatening variety. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common and while it can be dangerous and even deadly in rare instances, it generally falls into the scared straight variety of skin cancer.

So, back to melanoma and skin cancer life insurance. What we know about stage 3 and 4 melanoma is that it has migrated from the original location on the skin to metastasize to lymph nodes (stage 3) or organs (stage 4). You can’t get approved for melanoma life insurance with stage 3 or 4. What we know about stage 0 (encapsulated or insitu) and stage 1 (small, localized) is that upon excision you can usually be approved for life insurance at standard or better rates within a few months after the procedure. We leave a bit of a gray area with stage 2. It hasn’t migrated and usually the swing issue for skin cancer life insurance is the grade or the depth of the lesion. The deeper it is the higher the rate or likelihood of a decline.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you to wait five years after a melanoma to apply for life insurance. Contact me, armed with your pathology report, and let’s go to work.

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