About Hinerman Group

The Hinerman Group is everything the “Big Boys” in the life insurance business forgot to be.

We aren’t so busy that we don’t listen to your situation or answer your questions about life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions. Selling you insurance on the first call is not our goal. Selling you on our service is. We know high pressure sales is the number one reason people do not buy life insurance. Therefore we proceed at your pace, not ours.

We fully believe that the quote you get from us will be the answer we get back after underwriting. The biggest internet life insurance agencies in the industry can’t get you a better approval than we can.

We are all about customer service. We provide service before the sale, making sure everything you need is available for you to make an informed decision. We know that you may have questions about how much to buy, what type of life insurance to purchase and how to make it fit into your budget. We concentrate on doing this in a timely manner. Let’s face it, wasting time waiting is the most frustrating part of a day that is too short as it is.

Unlike many other life insurance providers, we work hard for people with impaired risk or high risk life styles.  If you have ever been declined life insurance in the past for pre-existing medical conditions, you’ll want to speak with us.

During the process, we keep you informed about what’s going on, while also fighting for the best possible approval rating. Once your policy is approved we make sure you know all of the options so we can present exactly the policy you want.

After the sale we stay in touch, answering questions, offering advice and generally being your professional life insurance advisor. That role for us is like a well-known pink rabbit; we just keep going and going and going.

We know what it takes to be a SelectQuote®, ReliaQuote® or IntelliQuote, but we have chosen service over mass production. We have chosen relationships with our customers over their pre-existing medical conditions. We have chosen to be the champions for the un-served and under served in the world of life insurance. We have made a decision that your needs and that of your family is our business.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, earn your trust and then your business.

The Hinerman Group Blog is Your One Stop Resource

Making sure that you and your family receive the best products and service matter to Ed. To that end The Hinerman Group blog has been created for your use. Don’t miss this wealth of Life Insurance knowledge and guidance. You will find everything from Diabetes Insurance 101 to The Difference Between Whole and Term Life Insurance. If you are looking for something specific you do not see covered in the Blog, be sure to pick up the phone and contact Ed directly.

Want to talk? Call Ed directly at (719) 539-7914 for a FREE CONSULTATION. *Ed released the fish and it went on to have a full life. Occasionally Ed receives postcards from new waters and pictures of grandfish.


My 20 years of experience give me the knowledge and leverage to find reasonably priced Life Insurance for people who have been declined or are paying more than they need to.

Let’s get together and get it done right for you and your family!