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Just the term “life Insurance” opens a boatload of questions. Why, when, what kind, how much?

The why is a simple concept. It’s just rude to die and leave a financial mess behind. If your family is dependent on your income, or if you have debt that would not be paid in full upon your death or if your business or partnership is dependent on you, you should have life insurance to cover your business, your family or your debt, so others don’t suffer financially due to a lack of YOU. This is especially true if you have a job or hobby that has its own risks. In these cases, high risk life insurance can be a necessity.

Start looking when you get married, have children, take out a business loan or start a partnership.Consider this reality, there isn’t one of you who hasn’t had a friend or family member die prematurely and unexpectedly. We don’t know when our time is up so if you have responsibilities, don’t put it off.

How much is something we can discuss and look at from several different angles. I caution my clients that budget can and in most cases should be a critical factor. If it doesn’t fit comfortably in your budget and things get tight it, the life insurance is often lapsed. If it means you consider less than you might want, well, something in force is always, always better than nothing.

What kind usually refers to term, universal life and whole life. There are some cash value products out there that promise to make you wealthy, and they don’t. I can tell you more about those pitfalls when we talk. Almost all life insurance needs are well served by term  insurance policies. It is the least expensive way to own the protection you need with guaranteed level terms going out as far as 40 years, it’s unlikely it won’t meet all of your family and business needs.

I look forward to answering your questions and working with you no matter what your health or financial position is.


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The Hinerman Group Helps You Protect Your Family

Even when you have been denied before

The Hinerman Group specializes in making sure you have life insurance even when it looks like that may not happen. Here are some situations where can help you become insured, whether you have been denied before or not. 


HIV Life Insurance

Because HIV treatment has been so successful, a significant quantity of people currently infected will be able to qualify. The Hinerman Group has been at the forefront of providing HIV life insurance for years.


Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder

Seizure disorders and epilepsy can be a real challenge when it comes to buying life insurance, but within certain guidelines there are good rates available. Call The Hinerman Group to see what your options are.

Prostate Cancer

There are now good life insurance rates for Prostate Cancer regardless of the medical direction you and your Doctor go for treatment. The Hinerman Group will help you secure the best coverage to protect your family.

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Ed’s goal for you is to protect your family and loved ones no matter your risk profile and situation. A nationally acknowledged expert in Health and High Risk Life Insurance, the Hinerman Group has the answers you need. Read our blog to learn more about the Insurance Industry and the specific situation you face today.

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My 20 years of experience give me the knowledge and leverage to find reasonably priced solutions for people who have been declined or are paying more than they need to.

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