HIV Life Insurance

HIV Life Insurance

Since the 1980s, HIV+ patients have been denied access to fully underwritten, traditional, life insurance programs. The only option available for those wanting HIV life insurance was to purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. The day finally came a few years ago that life insurance companies were willing to approve and underwrite HIV+ cases. These cases could only be approved if strict criteria were met. The good news is that a very large percentage of those infected could meet those criteria and receive information for HIV+ people and a genuine HIV life insurance quote.

Because HIV treatment has been so successful, a significant quantity of people currently infected will be able to qualify. I have been at the forefront of HIV life insurance underwriting and providing information for HIV+ people since the first company stuck their toe in the water about 5 years ago. Even though we have placed many business and personal life insurance policies for HIV-positive individuals with those companies with toes in the water, the offerings have been priced more for the profit of the company and little reflecting the true mortality statistics of well controlled HIV….until now!

I now partner you with a company that has aggressive, but fair, HIV life insurance underwriting products with prices that are less than half of what the “toe in the water” competition is offering. Where the other companies have only offered $1 million or as high as $2 million of HIV life insurance, I can now write up to $10 million of business or personal, term or permanent life insurance for qualified HIV+ clients.

The underwriting guidelines look like this:

Self disclosed diagnosis and over age 20

Compliant with antiretroviral therapy (ART) for at least two consecutive years

Followed by an HIV or infectious disease specialist minimally every six months

Undetectable viral load since starting ART, minimally 2 years

CD4 of 500 or more for the past two years and never below 350

Current negative Hep B&C testing and no history of hepatitis

No viral resistance to treatment

No history of IV drug use or other substance abuse

No history of other ratable health issues such as CAD, diabetes, cancer or protein in the urine

No significant psychiatric history

Not underweight or losing weight, normal protein levels

No AIDS defining illness

No smokers (Mortality of HIV+ patients is significantly increased by smoking)

After reviewing the guidelines to the left, call Ed at 866-539-7914, or complete the info request form below to receive a quote or additional information.

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