I have clients all over the Middle East doing everything from engineering to Afghan translation to security services. I have been working with a company out of Argentina that has oil field crews working revolving shifts in Iraq and it looks like we will have the policy issued on that tomorrow. I love it when a plan comes together for my clients.

My Lloyds underwriters have made it possible to offer life insurance, disability income and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for people all over the world and for prices that are a fraction of the cost of what even I would have guessed. We can put together group AD&D plans, failure to survive business plans (business life insurance) and personal or group disability at limits so high that they boggle the mind and we can get them issued quickly.

AD&D benefits can go up to 10 x annual income even for the CEO that is pulling down $10 million a year. $100 million is the maximum. Disability income limits that go as high as $250,000 per month with a lump sum payment at the end of the benefit period. Business life insurance worldwide with a $100 million limit per client. On the other end of the scale Lloyds will go down to as little as $250,000 AD&D and insure missionaries and civilian contract workers in war zones. They do a great job for commercial pilots that might otherwise pay far more in flat extra fees than they do for a base term life insurance policy. Crop dusters and bush pilots will fare much better by taking an aviation exclusion on their regular life insurance and supplementing with an accidental death policy that covers aviation.

Disability income for professional athletes is something that no one but Lloyds is big enough to handle. With athletes pulling down huge contracts and those contracts being contingent on their ability to play, disability income replacement has to be part of their insurance portfolio. They even have disability products that protect athletes who are being drafted into professional sports. They have money earning capacity that is thrilling to consider, but it can all go down the tubes if they are injured or are dealt a blow by disease that keeps them from being able to play. We’ve all read about athletes that are sidelined due to injury and, while they may get paid for the rest of their contract year, there is no guarantee they can be carried on the roster the next year.

Bottom line. Lloyds has always been that company that will come through with an insurance contract when no one else will. They’ve done it in plenty of famous, high profile scenarios and they’ve done it for plenty of my clients. If you have any questions or would like to get quotes, call or email me directly. Let’s talk.