When I first got a taste of the insurance business I was 25 and got hired by Mutual of Omaha. Back in those days there was a real emphasis on training, some good and some not so good. After I started I spent two weeks all expense paid vacation (school) in Omaha and I have to say that if every new agent then and now had to go through that kind of intensive course, our industry would get a lot more respect.

We weren’t just taught products and how to close sales, but how to really fit the right product to the right client. They taught us to let the life insurance client have control of the process time clock and never push to close. Once I got back home I worked with a seasoned agent who had a whole different approach to sales, one that I never adopted.

I was living and working in Wyoming at the time and there were times when I might drive 60 miles off a highway to see a rancher that was interested in talking life insurance. I would spend however much time it took to make sure their questions were answered. Because of the distance I had driven I let them know that if they wanted some time to think it over I would be glad to stop by when I was in the area again, or when they called, but I also let them know if they felt comfortable applying right then and there, next trip out I could bring the actual policy for them to review.

I still take the laid back approach to life insurance sales. In the last 17 years I haven’t tried to get anyone to buy before they actually asked for it. When they say, “This  is what I want. How do we move ahead?”, well, that’s a sale. I do stay in touch with clients after initially shopping their coverage and presenting quotes. I call or email and if I haven’t heard back from them in a while I send an email something like this, “Mr Smith, The last time we spoke was right after I sent the quotes out three weeks ago. I’ve left messages and sent emails asking if you have everything you need to make a decision with no response. At the risk of becoming a pest I am closing your file. I will be glad to reopen it if you call or email and want to move forward. Thanks for the opportunity to provide the information you asked for. Respectfully, Ed

Bottom line. We are a country that is constantly being jacked with in the sales area. Do you want to add that on this? Would you like the extended warranty on that? Or they just add some free thing on there and don’t tell you your bill will be going up in 90 days if you don’t call and tell them to cancel it. It sucks to be a customer in this century. If you have questions about how to get rid of obnoxious life insurance agents or want to experience true customer service, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.