Some nut case has been all over the internet search engines claiming a phenomenal life insurance underwriting breakthrough that will allow a large number of HIV positive people to get traditional life insurance up to $1 million. Since HIV became an issue in the 80’s the only thing that has been available has been guaranteed issue life insurance. No questions, no exam, no denial. Unfortunately it is very expensive and if, for instance, you are the CEO of a company or just a family guy, the maximum policy of $50,000 isn’t solve the life insurance need.

So back to this fruit loop agent. He claims that there are now traditional companies who will approve term and permanent life insurance for HIV+ up to $1 million. He claims there are set guidelines to get this approved and that there is more than one life insurance company and more than one reinsurance company involved. He claims this is the real deal.

Those first two paragraphs are what I imagine agents, and even agents that know me are saying about me and some of the claims I’ve made in this forum recently, but this isn’t the first time they thought I had lost it when the truth was that I was just around the curve in front of them. Claiming to be able to come through on something that won’t happen is a one way ticket out of the life insurance business so I didn’t hear a rumor and run with it just to be ahead of the crowd. I’ve checked out the source of the original information and couldn’t be more satisfied. I’ve checked out the companies through other sources and the underwriting guidelines for approval are real and attainable. I’ve checked out the HIV guidelines through medical channels and found them to be fair, and again, attainable.

This is an opportunity that has long been wished for by both the people that need the insurance and the industry that would have like to provide it, but due diligence had to be done. Life insurance companies hang large amounts of money out there when they can quantify and qualify the risk and know that overall they’ll make a buck, and not one minute before. So, the time has come. I imagine there are plenty of business owners, CEO’s, executives and professionals that have had the life insurance part of their financial portfolio empty because of HIV. They’ve had the money, health insurance and the access to the right treatment to be perfect candidates for this new possibility. Families that have been without adequate income replacement can now have it.

Bottom line. This is a small forum from which to reach out, but already I am working with clients to gather the information needed to get started on their life insurance applications. If you have any questions, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.