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This is one of those subjects that I write about all the time and pray about every day. It involves an area of my business that I don’t make much money in, but it is an area that I care about as much as, if not ore the rest.

I want everyone to have life insurance if they have a family. I have confessed before that I actually carry a little more than I need to because if I die prematurely I want to leave my wife better off than we are today. I want to leave her free to do voluntary and missionary work, not working to make a house payment or take care of our grand daughter.

Today my heart and prayers are with the families of the military and civilian contractors that were killed in Afghanistan in a car bombing. It’s a war zone and we expect that we will hear about deaths, but just like the helicopter last month, so many, so young.

I don’t ever want to be accused of ambulance chasing or using horrible news to further the cause of Ed Hinerman. But if statistics hold true with this group that just lost their lives, 5 of the 8 civilian contractors had inadequate life insurance and 8 of the 9 military personnel were under insured. 17 families so profoundly crushed and 13 of those families will not only deal with the loss of a father or husband, but also the income that it takes to get by.

This is not a “I told you so” post, not at all. I questioned the wisdom of writing this at all on the heels of this Afghanistan tragedy, but if I can just reach a few more families, my prayers will have been answered. Please, husband and wives, military and civilian, let’s be honest. Afghanistan is a dangerous, dangerous place and things happen in what the people there consider the safest places. The hardest thing for me is that people don’t go their without the ability to insure themselves adequately. It’s available and affordable.

Our military personnel can, even with orders in hand to go to the worst places imaginable, can buy life insurance as long as they get it before they leave the US. Civilian contractors can buy high risk AD&D insurance that covers all the dangers they will encounter before they leave, or even once they get there and come to the realization that maybe they’ve been a little less than honest with themselves about the mess they will have left behind if they don’t have additional insurance.

Bottom line. No one wants to consider the possibility of losing a loved one. If you plan for it and it never happens, you did the right thing. If you plan for it and something does happen, you did the right thing.

I can tell you that the coverage I’m talking about doesn’t carry the price you would imagine. It is affordable and it is easy. Please reach out and at least get the facts. Call or email me directly and let me answer your questions.


Heavenly Father. This is one of those days when we are all trying to make sense of the senseless. Please Lord, comfort the families of all of those lost and as their hearts are aching, let them know that the country shares in their grief. Oh Father, wrap your arms around these families and even while the pain is still unbearable, let the healing begin. I pray for them all in Jesus holy name. Amen.