Ah, the sting of being declined or being rated practically to death when you apply for life insurance. Do they really think you are on death’s door or do they just dislike you personally? Perhaps that life insurance company has a quota that limits the amount of good approvals they can give each month and so everyone else gets a less than loving decision? Whatever the reason I can tell you without hesitation that there are times when life insurance companies end the application process with decisions that don’t hold up to the reality of the information the theoretically acquired and considered.

I know this a little disconcerting since there are nearly 2000 companies that sell life insurance, but depending on the expertise of the underwriting department and the marching orders for risk given by the board of directors, one companies decline can quite often get the best rate class from another company. By far the majority of those companies fall in the first category so your chances of flying by the seat of your pants in choosing a life insurance company and getting the right one are slim at best. And here is the conundrum. If you speak to a life insurance agent from one of those companies that will decline you for any risk greater than pimples in your teens, they will encourage you to apply knowing full well that your application would have to miraculously slip through the cracks to be approved. Why? Because they seriously live by the guideline that if you throw enough against the wall, something is bound to stick.

So where do those few life insurance companies on the other end of the spectrum hide? Amazingly enough in plain sight, but they don’t do battle on the airwaves with the companies that don’t love you. They leave that job up to independent life insurance agents like me to help you find the right direction to the family and business protection you need. And that leaves me blogging my brains out (not a huge job) about how to turn declined life insurance into approved, in force policies and how to get that whipping you took from one of “those” companies into a handshake and welcome from one of the others.

To put this in context, I’ve been doing this for 16 years, world wide, and most of my clients have been declined or abused in some way before they find me. Most of my clients find me out of desperation wondering why they would be declined life insurance for something like sleep apnea, well controlled diabetes of both types and even well controlled bipolar disorder. Is there something wrong with the picture when someone with a mood disorder who is the CEO of a large company and seemingly unaffected by their “impairment” is declined life insurance? The answer is yes. The person should not just be stuffed in a box with every out of control mood disorder and called too risky. They should be evaluated on their own merit and approved.

Bottom line. Your chances of throwing darts at all the life insurance companies in the country and hoping for success, are, well, just as silly as it sounds. If you have questions or have been abused by the life insurance system when it truly makes no sense, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.