According to recent U.S. State Department statistics, over 6.3 million American civilians currently live in more than 160 countries around the world. Due to modern globalization and the optimistic ideals of free trade and enterprise, the United States has one of the most widespread, successful and influential expat communities in existence. Through various associations and foundations, U.S. expatriates enjoy an array of services and benefits made available through reliable international networks. However, the one inevitable obstacle for many living outside the U.S. is that of acquiring sufficient life insurance from a reputable carrier.
U.S. life insurance companies have historically been unwilling to offer traditional life coverage, of any sort, to U.S. citizens planning to travel, live or work outside the United States for extensive periods of time. From a business standpoint this had made it nearly impossible international businesses to acquire the large amounts of life insurance needed for CEO loan collateral, buy/sell funding and key person life insurance.
Through 15 years of underwriting expertise and the institutional financial backing of Lloyd’s of London, Hinerman Group has the unique ability to provide long and short term life insurance to U.S. citizens living anywhere outside the United States, no matter the political climate or socioeconomic tensions affecting a country. Clients range from billionaire businessmen to modest-living missionaries, and benefits can be sculpted to accommodate all levels of life insurance needs from $100,000 up to $100 million. Brokers and agencies tend to focus on niche markets such as humanitarian organizations, the oil industry or government contractors. However, our international business life insurance clients come from all walks of life and are stationed in every corner of the world.
Unlike other international term life products, Lloyds and Houston Casualty company policies contain no exclusions or limitations for coverage during acts of war or terrorism. Another key attribute of the these life insurance policies is that the coverage remains in force no matter where and when the client travels or moves during the term of insurance. Other policies in the market become void if the insured person returns to the United States during the policy period.

Throughout the term of insurance, the Petersen International Term Life plan continues to provide worldwide coverage no matter if the insured person is living in Kinshasa or Kansas City. Life benefits are also available to those with little or no documented income including students and stay-at-home spouses.
Bottom line. Whether you are working in Western Europe or Iraq, we can provide them with affordable, comprehensive term life insurance, securely backed by the oldest and largest insurance market in history. Call or email me directly today to find out more about International Term Life insurance as well as the innumerable health, disability and contingency insurance products we can offer your international clientele. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.