When you do a search for life insurance for HIV positive on Google you would have to believe that all that is still available is what has always been available, final expense guaranteed issue life and burial guaranteed issue life. These are small (less than $50,000) policies that are using an overpriced whole life product. They aren’t meant to be a good deal. I’ve maintained for some time that in most cases a person would be better off determining what the guaranteed issue life insurance cost is, and then just put that much aside every month. Since these policies don’t have a death benefit in the first 2-3 years, you will be well on the way to self insuring by the time their death benefit kicks in.

The only problem with that search is that the cyber search world has been clogged up with guaranteed issue as the only option for so long that even though HIV positive has companies willing to offer real life insurance policies within their guidelines, I’m like a salmon with good news swimming up stream. Problem is the search engines don’t know the difference between a good deal and a bad deal. They are stuck in the key word algorithm thing and even though I’ve posted more brand new, more relevant information on the absolute best deal for HIV life insurance, I’m still stuck. It’s not like what we can get and what is available through virtually everyone else is even comparable. They have small, expensive whole life policies for HIV positive clients. Our HIV positive clients can get term life insurance or universal life insurance or traditional whole life insurance up to $1 million. Having term life for HIV makes it a far lower cost per thousand than what other companies can offer. It shakes out, given all the right factors, that someone with HIV can get $1 million of 20 year term life insurance for about the same cost as a guaranteed issue $50,000 whole life policy.

If you search hiv traditional life insurance I practically take up the whole first page of Google, but consumers don’t think of life insurance as traditional versus non traditional. And let’s be real. Most people with HIV who have shopped for life insurance in the past will likely never look again. If someone poked a hot stick in your eye, would you go back a few years later to see if they would do it again? Me either.

Bottom line. We’ll get there with all the key words and we’ll be there soon and it will be a great day for those HIV positive clients who qualify, which is going to be a lot of them. If you have any questions or need more information, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.