From a life insurance standpoint type 1 and type 2 diabetics used to be thrown in the same underwriting bucket as people who had coronary artery disease or even some types of cancer. Life insurance quotes coming from major companies these days would point to two good things happening that have retrieved people with diabetes from that bucket.

First and foremost is earlier diagnosis and better treatment than we have seen in the past. When diabetes is recognized before it causes any collateral damage and a patient is educated in all of the aspects of good control, the chances are that a person can live their life with minimal impact. Doctors and life insurance underwriters understand that managing build (weight), hypertension, and glucose levels, along with consistently taking the prescribed medication, and getting regular checkups can lead to a long healthy life and, in the case of life insurance, lower life insurance quotes.

Key to low life insurance quotes and approved rates, is the A1C level that your doctor tests each time you see him. Unlike a glucose reading, a snapshot of the moment, an A1C tells you what your glucose average has been over the past 3 months or so. This is important, as there are diabetics that will fool themselves into believing they have good control because when they check their glucose every morning it is good and low. The A1C changes the snapshot to a photo album of the past three months and catches all of the good readings and all of the readings you might not take.

If you don’t know, ask your doctor today what your A1C is. If it is below 7, congratulations, good life insurance rates, whether you want term insurance, universal life or whole life, are within your grasp. Below 6.5 is better yet and below 6 is awesome. Above 7 is still very doable as long as you remember that the other risk factors need to be just as well controlled. So, bottom line is if you are diabetic and you take it seriously and take care of yourself, an independent life insurance agent is going to be able to get you good quotes that you earned through your hard work.

This post is somewhat dated. Life insurance underwriting is changing and evolving continually. For more updated information check out some of the key word links. If you have a specific question or topic you need information for do a search. If you don’t find the answers you need contact me and we’ll make sure you get the information that is important to you.