There is the very real possibility that if you ask for a life insurance quote on line that you may get a call within seconds, seriously within seconds, of hitting the “Get a Quote” button. The on line life insurance quote game. I was looking into the life insurance products that I compete with for people over 60 (and yes I beat the competition), so I did an on line inquiry with Colonial Penn. I figured they would know if I was fudging so I gave them my real name, email address and phone number and answered some questions about what I wanted, hit the submit button. Ringggg!

I told that person I was an agent and wasn’t really interested and he was polite and let me go……and then I got another call. I know how this works because before this forum started providing all of my leads, I, like most agents purchased leads, leads that were sold to mutual agents. It was a sickening game. Someone would inquire about impaired risk life insurance, my specialty, and I would get an instant notification and the race was on. If I was available and called quickly I could be their first contact and generally develop a relationship and win the client’s trust and business. I would always end our first call with a heads up that they would be getting a lot more calls. In further conversations with that client I was often amazed to hear how many calls they actually got, sometimes upwards of 10.

That’s no way for a potential client to be treated. It is worse, in my mind, than the car buying experience when you drive on to a lot and immediately see sales people trying to choose the right direction to quickly walk (I’ve actually seen them kind of jogging) to intercept me. When purchased leads took that direction I was led to start my blog which give you, the potential client, the chance to read about your particular life insurance challenge and ask for a contact. I’m greedy. I know I can do a great job for you and I don’t share your inquiry with anyone. You’ll hear from me and, unless you inquire elsewhere, only me. I’ll shop for the best possible company and product for you and never try to push you in any direction.

Bottom line. People come to me to get their life insurance questions answered and get help, not to be led to a product or price that isn’t what you want. I don’t sell. I help solve problems. What can I say. I’m user friendly. If you are sick of the on line life insurance game and aren’t finding the solution you need, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.

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