I wrote this post early last year, but just had an experience that inspired me to update the post and bring a little information to the table.

Shopping For Life Insurance Can Be OK Or Seriously Annoying. Why?Life Insurance No Medical Exam Quotes

In life insurance it isn’t even like those incessant recorded robocalls, almost. I recently heard that HealthIQ.com was offering a life insurance product that I wasn’t familiar with. I couldn’t get any information from the home office of the company underwriting the insurance so, in order to confirm that the quote was valid, I went to HealthIQ and filled out the information to get a quote. As soon as I hit submit my phone rang, I got a text and then an email. When I inferred that this type of response was almost like a robocall, as the calls kept coming, I noticed that they were coming from my area code, a trick of the robocall trade.

Within a half hour I had received 7 phone calls, none leaving messages, 3 texts and 2 emails. On the 8th phone call I finally answered and let them know just how truly obnoxious the experience had been and to remove me from their system. The only thing of credit to them was that they apparently did remove me and all of the attempted contacts stopped. Holey Moley!

Another Experience!

Like above there is the very real possibility that if you ask for a life insurance quote on line that you may get a call within seconds, seriously within seconds, of hitting the “Get a Quote” button. The online life insurance quote game. I was looking into the life insurance products that I compete with for people over 60 (and yes I beat the competition), so I did an on line inquiry with Colonial Penn. I figured they would know if I was fudging so I gave them my real name, email address and phone number and answered some questions about what I wanted, hit the submit button. Ringggg! I told that person I was an agent and wasn’t really interested and he was polite and let me go. But seriously, the pounce, is a little unnerving and completely unnecessary

So, Why? Because It Must Work!

It’s a sad fact, but these giant on line agencies wouldn’t do it if 1. It didn’t work and 2. It works well enough for their bottom line. It may be a turn off to many potential customers, but if they weren’t reaching their sales goals through aggressive and invasive tactics, they would either change their tact or go away.

I have always given you, the potential client, the chance to read about your particular life insurance challenge and ask for a contact. I never reach out unless asked, and then, at the time of your choosing This blog is full of information on almost any life insurance challenge so we can cut to the chase and talk about exactly what you need. I never bombard you with attempts to contact. I know I can do a great job for you and that will be done on your terms and pace. I’ll shop for the best possible company and product for you and never try to push you in any direction.

Bottom Line

People come to me to get their life insurance questions answered and get help, not to be led to a product or price that isn’t what you want. I don’t sell. I help solve problems. What can I say? I’m user friendly. If you are sick of the online life insurance game and aren’t finding the solution you need, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.