Well, if it’s for the next five minutes you are out of luck, but if it’s for 5 minutes next week you can have your wish.

And really I’m not talking about life insurance but rather accidental death insurance. Specifically this comes up when you get a chance to do something that to you, or more importantly, your wife has just a hint of mortality touched danger to it. Skydiving, hang gliding, mountain climbing, rafting class 5 rapids and those types of things.

The importance of the distinction of it not being life insurance is because there could be some adverse selection if you could buy life insurance right before you go to an appointment where you’re going to find out if you have cancer or not.

But what about upping your coverage for that one time chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do. What about skydiving, even if it’s just that one time tandem jump? Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that if the chutes didn’t open your wife would get another million dollars above and beyond any life insurance you have in force. And what if it only cost you $70 for that peace of mind? That might seem a bit steep for a one day coverage, but it actually covers the company minimum 30 days so if you decide jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was a hoot you could cram as many jumps as you wanted into the next 29 days and be fully covered.

All of us married men have run into those times when our wives just have a feeling about something we want to do, and not that money can replace us if something goes wrong, but it can replace our lost income. Whether it’s a hunting trip to the bush in Alaska or just a period of time when we are having to travel far more than usual, accidental death insurance can be a prudent way to make sure you don’t leave a mess behind.

What if you get an opportunity to make the big tax free bucks by accepting a job in Afghanistan? It’s funny how you can go along feeling real comfortable about the amount of life insurance you have in force and when something like that comes up you wish you had more. Insurance that covers acts of war or terrorism under accidental death is the answer. It’s also easy to get a quote or just get an estimate.

Bottom line. I always advocate carrying adequate life insurance, but not everyone listens to me. Accidental death might be just the tool to cover an event.