The obvious answer is of course I would buy the battleship if he had one just because I would be the only person in Silver City, NM to own a battle ship. There’s even a big enough lake a few hours from here to float it in although I’m not sure you could move it or turn it, but it would cast such a huge shadow that the fishing would have to be great. But, as usual I’m veering off track, something that comes with age. Sometimes it’s a hoot and other times it’s a little scary but the point is you need to buy life insurance from an agent that is prepared to sell you what you need as opposed to what they have in their portfolio that comes close or sort of resembles what you need.

When your battleship is business life insurance and your challenge is to find and get it in force at an affordable price in spite of health issues, the average life insurance agent is a used car dealer. There are times when I am really kind of bewildered by how few of us hang our shingle on impaired risk and business life insurance. CEO’s and business partners and key people in businesses are just like the rest of us and the same percentage as the general population have health issues, mood disorder history or past issues with drugs or alcohol that can impact attempts to purchase life insurance a little bit or a lot. Most life insurance agents just accept that impact as the cost of you doing business, assuming that in the whole scheme of things you and your business will think it’s normal to pay too much and, after all, businesses have plenty of money and money is not object, right?

Well wrong! I’m a life insurance agent but I’m also a business person, the President of Hinerman Group and while I might fantasize about fishing from my own battleship, the truth is that I have a business budget that predicates whether I buy giant fishing boats or how much I spend on life insurance or printers or computers. I am constantly approached by people selling everything from life insurance leads to SEO services and a couple of things always tip me off to the fact that they are more interested in selling me what they want me to buy than anything I need. 1. They make recommendations without knowing anything about me or my business and 2. They continue to bombard me with advertising and calls when it’s obvious I am not interested. So, five ways I can truly be a value added contact for your business life insurance and impaired risk life insurance needs.

1. I won’t contact you unless you ask me to. Really!

2. I will treat your budget the way I do my own. Getting the right life insurance in force at or below what you expected to pay or less than you are currently paying is my job and my goal.

3. I will provide all you need to make a decision in a timely manner and then let you make a decision. No closing techniques! No sale unless you ask for one.

4. I won’t quote anything without shopping it to multiple life insurance companies first. I don’t like surprises and I’m guessing you don’t either.

5. I will take no for an answer. You and I are both too busy to play the persistent sales game. If you say, “don’t call me, I’ll call if and when I decide”, I get it and that’s OK.

Bottom line. If you’re in business you’ll understand. It’s not that we are special and need to be treated special, but your focus is on serving your customers and you want a life insurance agent that can leave your focus where it should be and still get the job done for you. I’ve been a leader in impaired risk and business life insurance for 15 years and I can get the job done without breaking your focus or your budget. If you have questions or are paying too much for your business life insurance, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.