Last year when my wife and I reassessed our life insurance portfolio, I recommended that we had another policy for both of us. She understood very well why we should it increase it on me. The business had grown, and there was simply more at stake if I were to die. Not really noticing that kind of change in her situation, she asked why I thought we should have more coverage on her.

My answer was simply this. The price of property in Belize has gone up! Actually a standing joke, broken down into logic, it’s an accurate answer. A long time ago she asked me what I would do if she died. I told her then that I would likely run away from everything, and Belize would be my first choice.

The death of a spouse is traumatic at the very least. And, while ultimately we might not make any huge changes, it causes a lot of surviving spouses to re-think where they were headed. It could be that you have kept a job that you weren’t horribly in love with because it kept the bills paid and provided for your family. It could be, like me, that your wife is a part of your business, and there would be a financial as well as emotional loss if she died.

Whether I would really go to Belize or not, who knows. I certainly hope we get to spend many more years visiting Belize and other places together, but if you have adequate life insurance on your spouse, you have choices.

In subsequent posts I will be covering all aspects of life insurance for women. After all, they’re not all married. I will lay out my thoughts on life insurance for single women, single mothers, stay at home mothers, working wives and mothers, and women who own and run businesses.

Bottom line. No different than men, where you have a responsbility, you have a need for life insurance. Women in general outlive men, but when it comes down to the reason that most life insurance is purchased, premature death, men and women are on pretty equal ground.