I swear, where a year ago I was thinking New York would probably miss this century also, they have now rocked the life insurance world by approving return of premium term insurance for sale.

Return of premium has been available in the rest of the country for years, but today ING Reliastar the first ever ROP products in New York. Until this release New Yorkers were left only to wonder what it would be like to use term insurance for protection, and having outlived it, get a full refund.

Forbes ran article almost three years ago extolling the virtues of ROP (every where but New York and Utah). Attached is that article.


While there isn’t any doubt that the younger you are the more attractive the product becomes, it can still fill needs that no other products can. For instance, a key man business insurance policy. You can use a return of premium policy as an insurance/bonus program. If the key employee dies, the money is there to help the company through a transition phase. If the key employee lives, the company can bonus the tax free premium refund as a retirement gift.

Bottom line. Let’s all welcome New York to the rest of the country. Past due, but welcome. Question now is, will Utah ever jump on board. Don’t hold your breath.