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I know that I’ve often heard that the big drug companies really don’t want to find cures for things such as diabetes and it always leaves me shaking my head. Their purported reason for avoiding the cure is that a cure would kill the cash cow they have in selling the life long treatment. I know I’m naive, but that just seems so wrong as to be, well, just so damn wrong. How can a company knowingly subject someone to a lifetime of treating an illness when they have the power to cure.

I know Allie Beatty, whose blog, has brought major pieces of reality into my world, thinks I wear rose colored glasses. But I wear those glasses with a passion toward knowing and sharing the truth.

And the truth still blows me away. In a New York times article, a story is told about Dr Denise Faustman’s quest to ”cure diabetes. When all signs pointed to her being on the verge of just that, a real cure, her request for research funding was turned down by the drug companies. It was even turned down by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association.

Funding finally came from Lee Iacocca, whose wife had died from complications of type 1 diabetes. The $11 million dollars he donated and raised has gone a long way toward proving Dr Faustman’s theories correct.

”I can’t wait for the pharmaceutical companies or even government tax money to fund what looks promising,” Mr. Iacocca said. ”They are not known for high risk and they are also slow to react. We are trying to get a cure.

Bottom line. Even when someone is treating their type 1 diabetes and it is well controlled, life insurance can be inordinately expensive. How good would life be if they could put on their life insurance application that they used to have diabetes, but it’s been cured?