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It never ceases to amaze me that men, men who are husbands, fathers or businessmen, seem to think that life insurance is a waste of money. What ever happened to the idea that responsbility comes with marriage, parenthood and business ownership?

I try to block these things out, but here are just a few of the comments and scenarios I run into, far too frequently, that just leave me shaking my head.

1. A man who smokes who decides to blow off purchasing life insurance because, as a smoker, it costs too much.

2. A man who thinks it is extravegant to have $250,000 worth of life insurance when he is married with 5 dependent children.

3. A man who doesn’t see the logic of carrying life insurance after the children are grown because his wife can always remarry. (Yes, I really hear these things)

4. A man who want to purchase $100,000 of life insurance to make sure his wife is taken care of, when his annual income is $175,000.

5. The unfortunately not rare situation where a man simply says it doesn’t matter because he’ll be dead.

6. The man who buys a 10 year term for $17 a month instead of a 20 year term for $24 a month when he has a 3 year old child.

7. The man who decides not to buy anything because he doesn’t qualify for the best rates.

I don’t know much about left brain and right brain, but there are so many men out there that appear to be trying to get by with no brains.

Bottom line. If you are responsible for the health and welfare of someone else, buy life insurance and act responsible.