It’s an interesting conundrum that the same thing could contribute so much to my success, and my failure, depending on how patient any given potential client is.  I don’t deny that I can be, not demanding, but insistent on my clients being involved in our mutual success in acquiring life insurance that involves an impairment whether it is diabetes or hemochromotosis.

Even the simplest of impaired risk life insurance cases really requires homework, both on my side and the clients and it can be as simple as me needing a set of labs or a copy of test results from your medical records to actually going to the doctor to complete a test that was ordered by your doctor but never completed by you. I know. Who am I to tell you that you need to complete a test that you had blown off? Who am I to tell you that you can’t be helped unless you comply with recommended treatment or get a second opinion saying you don’t need the treatment? Who am I to ask that you get a memo from your doctor to explain something in your records that, without an explanation, will lead to a life insurance decline instead of an approval?

Who am I? I’m the life insurance agent whose job is to make sure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed so that when I shop all of the companies I represent as an independent agent, the quote request is backed up by facts in your medical records.  I know that I am presenting a case that won’t run into postponements or declines because the information in your medical records doesn’t present you as non compliant with medical advice or out of touch with you own medical background. For those life insurance clients willing to help with the homework and be part of a team with me, the reward is life insurance approvals instead of declines.

Bottom line. I am insistent on client participation in the process of turning life insurance declines into approvals. 18 years of working in the impaired risk and high risk life insurance arenas has proven to clients, companies and myself that most declines are not because a person is non insurable, but because they chose the wrong agent who used the wrong company and did so without adequate information and persistent shopping. Easily half of my in force life insurance clients were declined through someone else before they came to me. If you have questions or have been declined and don’t believe your agent did their due diligence, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.