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They aren’t hiding in plain sight! They aren’t where you would expect to find them with the super giant on line life insurance agencies like Selectquote or Reliaquote. Selectquote says on their website that, “You’re just a few steps away from finding out how much you could save”. They will never tell you how much you will lose by shopping for life insurance through them.

Reliaquote is now part of the Zander Insurance group of companies, “we are a large privately-held insurance agency once again, part of the Zander Insurance Group”. I’m sure Zander picked Reliaquote to cut their exposure to just how awful a job they were doing as their own as representatives of Dave Ramsey. But handing it over to Reliaquote where, “Our objective is to place each client’s interests at the forefront of our actions”, doesn’t hold up any better than Zander did because they still can’t offer the best rates in the life insurance industry and they still can’t spend the time to adequately shop impaired risk life insurance cases. I just ran quotes on Zander’s website and their number one quote is in reality the second best quote with the same underwriting. Their second best quote is really the fourth best quote and their number three quote is really number seven. Dave Ramsey is a professing Christian and says Zander is the go to agency. If they “place each client’s interests at the forefront” why are they intentionally leaving out some of the best companies and best quotes?

And that is just on the term side of life insurance. When it comes to permanent insurance, products that are being furiously reviewed in light of the new estate tax exemptions the new tax law has ushered in, big on line agencies and most, like 99%, of independent agents wouldn’t have a clue where to find the best values with the best guarantees. And I want to emphasize guarantees because the last place you want to place your long term protection is in a product like an indexed universal life, where the guarantees are so bad and the assumptions are lies. In the long run IUL is a dumping ground for money you don’t need ever again. Good permanent life insurance is guaranteed to be permanent at a level cost. well, permanently.

Another area where the best price is a must is business life insurance. A CEO buying life insurance should have his company bottom line at the forefront of the quest. That isn’t found with the treatment I’ve described above.

Bottom line. It’s sad and mind boggling that with 200,000 plus life insurance agents in the country, there are but a handful that can be trusted to give you the best life insurance product at the best price and back it up with customer service second to none. That handful shrinks when you add being licensed in all 50 states and DC so we can offer our services anywhere and follow you if you move. If you have questions or want to determine if you really got the best rate on your life insurance, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.