I, we, Hinerman Group, just completed our reunification move to Colorado. Every once in a while I make bad decisions (moving to NM where it rains), but I am more known for my brilliance (coming back to CO where it snows). With that move I am promising more of the same from a customer service standpoint and always, always, the best impaired risk life insurance underwriting available through any agent or agency in the country. We continue to keep licenses in good standing in all 50 states and DC. This not only makes us available to new life insurance customers from anywhere, but allows me to offer continued service to customers, like me, who come to their senses and go back where they belong.

We also continue to expand our high risk and business life insurance portfolios for both the US and worldwide. We’ve become good news for civilian contractors in war zones, missionaries working internationally that need life insurance, and those who enjoy high risk hobbies. We are one of a very few agencies that can do business life insurance that involve multi national business principles. So if there are partners in the US and Zimbabwe, buy/sell funding with life insurance is an option. We can also put together a business life insurance policy in a hurry for those who have been caught with their life insurance pants down. When you bank says you have to have a loan collateral life insurance policy in force and you find out a week before closing that your life insurance application has been declined, we can get you covered and avoid any costly delays in projects or acquisitions.

Impaired risk life insurance remains my passion, placing life insurance in force for those who have been rated, declined or otherwise abused by your buying experience. The odds are simply not stacked in favor of the consumer who has a few health issues. Most, 99%, of life insurance companies don’t want your business. The mandate of their board of directors has been to leave risk to other companies and just give them your young, your healthy and unblemished. The other 1%, about 20 to 30 companies are willing to do the work it takes to truly underwrite your situation and find ways and reasons to insure rather than decline you. They don’t turn a blind eye to risk, but they do measure and treat it fairly. We’ve been able to turn declines into approvals and high rates into fair and reasonable rates just by going the extra mile and making sure that your application ends up in front of the right underwriter at the right company.

So. whether you have bipolar disorder or a history of prostate cancer, fly as a private pilot or climb mountains, know that life insurance isn’t mission impossible.

Bottom line. Having life insurance for your family or business is the right thing to do. Having that insurance at the best possible rate is the right thing to do. Putting your trust in an agent with 15 years experience of helping families and businesses get what they need and the price they need it is the right thing to do. If you have questions or have been declined or rated for life insurance and you feel the agent could have done a better job, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.