Just because someone is the CEO of a company doesn’t make them immune from the same problems that you or me run into when trying to purchase life insurance. Those in need of business life insurance cover the full spectrum of impairments from being overweight or having diabetes to having a history of drug or alcohol treatment or HIV. The thing that often sets those in business apart from applying for personal life insurance is that there is often someone, a bank, investor or partner, who is requiring that the coverage be in place.

At Hinerman Group we have positioned ourselves to be the go to agents for both business and impaired risk life insurance with 18 years of learning and experience. We make it our business to treat each new impairment we run into as a learning experience. We listen to our clients and hear how their situation impacts their lives. We study all we can from reputable online medical experts plus having several medical profession clients that help when they can. This helps us know what questions to ask and what information to ask potential clients to provide (labs, pathology reports, etc.) And we know the life insurance underwriters that we will be working with so we can discuss how to put together even the most challenging cases to get to an approval.

In those rare cases where we can’t get an offer from the 20+ business and impaired risk life insurance companies for your need, or when you have run out of time and need coverage by later this week or next week, we have a back up plan. We use Lloyds of London as a bridge policy for lack of a better explanation in cases where traditional life insurance companies don’t have time to underwrite your case or your situation isn’t one that traditional underwriters will approve right now. As an example let’s say you just completed inpatient alcohol treatment 9 months ago. There isn’t a traditional life insurance company like Prudential or Lincoln Financial that will touch an approval, in a best case scenario, for two years. We can put a Lloyds policy in force to meet your business needs and give you time to wait out the traditional underwriting. For those of you who are simply caught with your pants down needing business life insurance in force in, say, a week, Lloyds can meet that challenge for you as well.

Bottom line. You don’t have to use an experienced and successful business and/or impaired risk life insurance agent, but you’re in business and you understand that time is money and money is money. Using the best in the business is going to save you time and money, time because we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently and money because we can shop your case and get the lowest cost per thousand available, guaranteed. If you have questions or want to talk about your business life insurance challenge, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.