When I think of what I would want from the American Diabetes Association as a person with diabetes, I’m left wondering if they are anywhere near the advocacy group they claim they are.

I go to their website and the first and most prevalent topic I find is how to donate money or how to participate in a fundraiser to donate money or how to complete a questionnaire about your diabetes and have $5 donated to the ADA.

Most of the links lead to more links and at every stop you get advertising. No magic there. Advertising makes more money for the ADA. But me, being a life insurance guy and one who specializes in life insurance for those with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, I was very interested to see what I would find on their insurance link. Probably the most valuable thing offered on the insurance link is another link to their message boards where you can ask other people what they’ve found and how you can find it too.

Several years ago I went on one of the message boards offered by the ADA and provided a factual representation of what it takes for someone with diabetes to get life insurance. The ADA then and now offers no advice at all on the subject. My post was removed from the message board and I was roundly flogged by their editorial watchdogs. They accused me of, and this is putting it nicely, being a scum sucking salesman. I hadn’t included any mention of the fact that I was an agent or any suggestion that anyone should call me, just facts that people needed to know in order to get fair life insurance prices.

What I would ask from the ADA is less recipes and more ways to get the real life things that seem so unobtainable as a person with diabetes. If they don’t want to give actionable advice on how to obtain diabetes life insurance, why don’t they do like so many advocacy groups and partner up with a life insurance company and offer some type of group life insurance?

Bottom line. In the meantime the ADA still has their head buried in the sand on the subject so the best recommendation is to seek out agents like myself who know about diabetes and know what it takes to get approved for life insurance at rates that won’t kill you. If you’ve had problems finding affordable life insurance, call or email me directly.