I am currently working with a client who, when we got his labs back, was staring at an A1c of 10.9 and a microalbumin of 6.0. This, by the way is an instant decline since he was obviously has undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

So what exactly does an A1c mean? Just how out of whack does your glucose need to be to equate to a 10.9?

Turns out that his average glucose, and this is including those readings that are good and low, is about 300. That isn’t good any way you look at it and obviously his kidneys are working overtime with his microalbumin at over twice normal.

When we started working on this case he and I both thought the only issue we were dealing with was his weight. He is obese and as I’ve written on frequently in the past, this is another example of just how obesity impacts other health issues.

Bottom line. Until he sees a doctor and gets the diabetes under good control we won’t be able to help him. Once controlled we should be able to get back on track.

Oh, by the way, great news. A type 1 diabetic that I had written about a month or so ago was approved today a rates that were better than we had quoted. Chalk one up for a great underwriter.