There is a saying that goes something like, the sincerest form of flattery is impersonation, or having your stuff ripped off or something like that.

Over the past few months some company in the UK has been copying my posts and selling them under the guise that they are writing content for a customer’s website. Of course the customer doesn’t know any better (I talked to him today) and this company makes $800 a month by copying and pasting my blogs for resale. From one customer.

Well, if you’re cruising through my posts looking for more profit, take a hike. If you can’t make an honest living by writing original content, find another occupation.

Bottom line. As my office manager told me, if the blogs sucked, no one would steal them. I hope my posts are a service, even when they are copied. My true desire is to educate anyone that would listen about life insurance and how health impacts your ability to obtain it.