There are some downsides to being raised in a place and by parents that molded me into a trusting person. Several months ago  I was approached by two guys who wanted me to partner with them and process all of the business from their Afghanistan website for civilian contractors doing work there. Since this was already a growing part of my business and I was having great success reaching interested people through my blog and website I saw this as a way to reach even more people with the good news that insurance for contractors in war zones is affordable.

After some initial talks they asked if they could make changes to the website using my copyrighted company name and brand to show me what the finished website would look like. Within a day they emailed a link the the site that had Ed Hinerman and Hinerman Group all over it. It was an impressive site and I was certain that their claims of bringing significant business our way was well founded. They said it would take a couple of weeks to get the forms worked out for quote requests and then the site could go live. That was followed by several months of delays and excuses and capped last week when I found out that the site was live and leads were being routed somewhere else while they were using Hinerman Group as their primary SEO focus. They were given notice that they have until Monday to remove my name and Hinerman Group from the website. As of this morning, Friday, they still haven’t complied.

I say all of this to 1. show you how trusting and gullible I am and 2. to let you know that there are people out there whose heart isn’t about helping people and reaching people that might not otherwise know about this important insurance opportunity. It’s all about the money. I’m not saying I don’t cash commission checks, but I can say that there is a lot less money in selling AD&D policies to contractors in Afghanistan or Iraq and other dangerous spots in the world than there is selling traditional life insurance. People go to those jobs for the money and they can’t get traditional life insurance to cover them once they have made that decision. With Lloyds of London I can provide that coverage at a reasonable rate and I can do it even after a client is already there electronically. Especially with the job situation here at home the lure of making good money is strong, but let’s be real. The job, the region come with risks that far outweigh any lesser paying job here in the US and because of that there’s a real need for a way to offset that risk with insurance.

Bottom line. Now that I am back on track I will be putting out a series of posts about the different insurance opportunities for civilian contractors in war zones and people with other dangerous occupations and hobbies. You won’t be getting this through traditional companies like Prudential or MetLife, but it’s out there and it’s affordable. If you have any questions or need quotes for whatever situation you’re in, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman, the real one. Don’t be fooled by anyone that has my name on their site. Let’s talk and see how I can help.