I know that far too many civilian contractors in war zones ended up there, whether Iraq or Afghanistan of Libya, without time or adequate planning to put the life insurance they might need in force. I can see myself rushing to get all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted and ending up at some forward operating base and at the sound of the first gunshot or explosion snapping to the fact that I was either not covered or way under covered for this type of job. So, can you get war zone life insurance immediately, or at least quickly?

One of the really great things about our Lloyds of London accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and accidental permanent total disability (APTD) is the fact that you don’t have to get it before you leave. And it can be put in force almost as immediately as the difference in time zones allows. And I don’t need to help you understand how important timeliness is. If you can access the internet or if you have a wife with power of attorney back here, we can go from the first email to in force policy in just a few days.

Don’t et me wrong, planning ahead is a good thing. I just know it isn’t one of my strong suits. In the fast paced last days before jumping on that airplane I would very likely be thinking about making sure my wife was going to be OK at home by herself with the assumption that of course I’m coming back and of course I’ll be coming home unharmed. Sometimes it snaps at the last minute though which is what generates all the Wednesday calls and emails I get asking me if there is any way possible to get insurance by Friday or Saturday. With a minimum of information, name, date of birth, state (or country) of residence, who your employer will be and what your duties will be, how long you expect to need the coverage and the amount I can have an Afghanistan proposal to you within an hour or two. The proposal I’ve linked to is on me doing one of the most dangerous jobs available, so less dangerous, less money. This includes a complete outline of the coverage and most importantly has a copy of the war and terrorism endorsement that is really at the heart of the policy. It has a one page fillable application so you can complete it and return it in the same email. I send an AD&D payment authorization along that allows you to either pay by credit card of eft from a US bank account. You can pay annually or monthly.

Filling out the application and payment authorization might take 10 minutes, maybe 20 if there’s bombs dropping, but once we have that we can bind the insurance within hours, send you a pdf of the policy and send the hard copy to your beneficiary.

Bottom line. Take that 10 or 20 minutes before you leave or take it once you get there. You can get up to 10 times your annual income and know that your spouse and your children are taken care of, even if the worst happens. If you have any questions or need a specific quote, email or call me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s get the job done for you.