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I have a lot of civilian contractor clients working in the Middle East and African war zones. One just renewed his life insurance coverage another year and ran into an all too frequent problem. Working in a location devoid of printers or scanners, or in his case, ink, he couldn’t sign the required form. All he needed to do to secure his AD&D and APTD insurance for another year was to send an email telling us so, making payment, and completing a single form.

If it had only been Accidental Death and Dismemberment we would have been fine, but renewing his Accidental Permanent Disability requires a good health statement to be signed. I called my underwriting representative with Lloyds of London and explained that this client didn’t want the coverage to lapse but there was no way he was going to see ink in the next 10 days.

I got an email back from the underwriter within a few hours and they had created the form in an e-sign format so nothing needed to be printed, faxed or scanned. So now, from first contact when a client is already in a war zone, we can do an application, acceptance, payment authorization and everything it takes to renew it if they stay that long, with e-sign documents.

What a blessing!

War Zone Life Insurance Coverage Limits

Last year I had a client who was so far in the boonies of Afghanistan that he was not able to sign and return a form for two months. Fortunately, we were able to keep him covered with an exception from Lloyds while waiting, but now if we need it, we can get it about 20 seconds after the client opens the email with the link. Customer service is alive and well.

Keep in mind that in most situations, if a client in a dangerous area is concerned about dying from natural causes, we can write an additional policy to for natural causes only. Since these are one year contracts of insurance there probably aren’t a lot of situations where this would come into play, but Lloyds used to offer a rider on their accidental death for sudden cardiac arrest, and they no longer offer it. So, if you had a heart attack induced by a loud noise it would no longer be covered as a death with NCO coverage.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re stateside and need a quote on war zone insurance for a possible job, or you’re in a forward operating base in the middle of a war, we can get you the price and the insurance in force within just a few days. If you have questions or need quotes or insurance, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.