Now that we all know the truth about the Affordable Health Care Act, the Obama Doesn’t Care Act, it’s no wonder that far more people opted not to Act than to Act in this last year. There isn’t anything affordable about it and compared to the relatively minor tax hit, it was worth a pass. And raise your hand if you’re a big fan of heavy handed enrollment periods. What’s with that? How can we be told to buy or lose the opportunity to buy and be taxed for losing it?

But consider the idea of having your cake and eating it too. How about a gap filling short term major medical plan that truly is a value and can address your health care insurance needs with low deductibles and high limits while you wait for the next round of IRS scare tactics to come around? What if you could put it in force within a few days, on line?

It’s real, available and backed by the largest insurance company in the world, a company that balances its’ budget with good ideas and sales instead of borrowing money from China and ripping off the public. The Lloyd’s market has been in existence for over 325 years. No other insurance company can match the longevity, the flexibility, and the financial stability of Lloyd’s of London.

It’s everything you need for now. It’s available. It’s affordable. It’s temporary so that when the opportunity arises you can move. No health questions. No records acquisition. No long underwriting period. If you want there is no deductible. After the deductible is met (if you have one) it works in or out of the new larger (huge) PPO. It works for those who are in the country temporarily. It works for foreign nationals in the country permanently or for students who spend most of the year here and some of the year back home. And it can all be applied for on line.

The only thing it isn’t is free, but it’s far closer than any other plan out there. With the government involved we are seeing the epitome of mismanagement and greed in the ACA plans. Do the math and remove the government and see the difference. The only thing keeping the Lloyds companies from taking over the US market and bringing relief to the US public, is the US government.

Bottom line. At no time in modern history have we, the citizens of this country, been hammered by an out of control government and told what to do, or else. Take your control back and know that in spite of what Obama wants you to believe, his plan is failing and will hit the end of its’ life in the not too distant future. You can be caught on the sinking ship or in a life raft. We’re here to help. Just call or email if you have any questions. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.