And when I answer the phone, and it’s me who answers it, I truly want to know just that. How can I help you? If you found me you probably have already experienced life insurance agents who couldn’t help you or wouldn’t help you. You may have suffered through the worst of what our industry has to offer, agents that don’t know any more about the business than what product they want to sell to achieve maximum their profits. You may have been declined for life insurance because you have type 1 diabetes and went through an agent or agency who not only didn’t know how to get you approved, but wrote your application just on the wild chance it might get approved. They really didn’t believe that it would.

Why would an agent do that? Just like the rest of the world, life insurance agents and especially new agents, are desperate to succeed financially and they know that if an application goes in there might be some chance of it getting approved and maybe even a chance of it going in force. They are throwing crap against the wall and seeing what sticks. All but a very few companies have walls made of Teflon and nothing but squeaky clean, no fuss, no muss cases are going to stick. Most agents are captive, not independent, and are stuck with Teflon walls. Even independent agents often don’t know any better than to ask companies how well that crap is going to stick before they start throwing it.

If you’re trying or have tried to get life insurance and things haven’t gone smoothly because you have an impairment like depression or bipolar disorder, type 1 or type 2 diabetes or maybe skin cancer or prostate or breast cancer, how would it feel to pass go, get your policy and go home? Rather than what you’ve been through it probably would have felt better to have someone knowledgeable just straight out tell you that they can’t get you approved. All agents and I really mean every agent in the life insurance business, has the ability to know with some degree of certainty how your application will end up before they send it in. They can know you’ll get standard and not preferred plus and they can know you’ll get a policy instead of being declined. But, just like most life insurance companies have Teflon walls, most life insurance agents Teflon work ethics. They don’t want their job to be work and they sure don’t want that work thing sticking around.

Here’s the way most phone calls will go. You’ll get an agent who will only ask the most basic of questions, because questions often lead to more questions which can start getting complicated and if they just stay blissfully ignorant it’s all easy. They’ll quote you what everyone wants to hear, the best rates they can offer. They’ll arrange for an application and exam and if things go well, you’ll here from them again. If things go south and their quote resembles the approved reality only in that it is made up of numbers and has a dollar sign in front, a lot of times they won’t even call you back. If they do call you they will have some well rehearsed line for why their quote was low and the approved price is high and they are sorry, but you might as well accept it because it’s as good as you’re going to get anywhere else……..Bull! That’s called bait and switch.

Bottom line.Let me repeat. All agents have the tools at their disposal to do a great job for you, but it’s work. All agents!! So when I ask you, “How can I help you?”, I am saying to you that I have the knowledge, the experience and the work ethic and will do everything possible in the realm of life insurance to get you covered at the best possible rate available. If you come to me HIV positive I will not send you packing without knowing more. Most agents don’t even believe you can get life insurance and I know for a fact that many HIV+ clients can be approved for traditional, not guaranteed issue life insurance. If you come to me because you were declined due to type 1 diabetes, I know what to do. If you qualify for life insurance I’ll find out and it might mean that you would still be declined by 99.9% of life insurance companies, but I know where the .1% keep the approvals.

I’m sure my competition will have fun with this post. “Ed thinks he’s God’s gift to life insurance”. While I will tell you that I run my business with every intention of honoring God in the way I treat people and how hard I work, it’s not about me. I’m working my tail off and my clients benefit from that. Most agents aren’t and their clients aren’t. If you have any questions or you just really want to pass go, get your life insurance and go home, call or email me directly. I answer the phone. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.