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I just spent the last week working with a gentleman who had applied for life insurance through Selectquote and was approved, but wanted a second opinion on what products were available to him.

Over the course of a week I presented multiple options to accomplish what he thought he wanted to do, something he said Selectquote had not done for him. I also responded quickly to his questions and provided straightforward answers, something he said Selectquote had not done. I also provided him with the best price for the product he finally decided was appropriate, and this was something Selectquote had not done. They had, go figure, quoted and had him apply for the 6th best rate available.

This policy was already approved and Selectquote was pushing to get the check to put it in force. I apparently presented a bit of a wrinkle in sheets. Over the course of one day Selectquote gave him three different prices in an effort to get him to pull the trigger and put the coverage in force. One of those was the correct price. One was backdated to lower the premium, but was still higher than what he qualified for through another company, and one was a price that came from left field on Mars. It had no basis in earthly reality.

Saying all that, understand that Selectquote and the other big on line agencies do two things that set them apart from independent agents such as myself. Because they do huge volume, they have contracts or agreements with certain companies to push their products whether it is the best for the customer or not. Based on their level of production at the end of the year, this devotion turns into a large bonus.

The other thing they do is do and say whatever is necessary to consummate the deal. As evidenced by their agents frantic misquoting when it looked as if the deal was going south, they will do whatever it takes, including misleading the client, to get the check and move on to the next customer.

Bottom line. There must be a purpose on earth for these mega agencies, but that purpose is not service. They want your business. They want it quick. They want it done and then they don’t want to talk to you ever again. Overall I would say that used car dealers offer better service.