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A comment from Katie on my first Biggest Loser post asked, “what would be the rate the trainers would pay? so what is the difference between a trainer and a contestant’s payment, when both are the same height?”

I responded, ” Katie, Since I don’t know the trainers ages, what I can do is post the best attainable rate for each of the participants assuming they met the weight requirement for the best rate class. Great question and I would be glad to add the trainers if I knew their ages and actual weights.”

I think the meat of the question was what kind of rates could a person get if they were fit enough to obtain the best rates. Using the participants still on the show, those rates would be as follows for $250,000 of 20 year term. In parentheses, the weight they would have to be at.

Blue Team

Jerry, $1702.00 (201#)

Kae, $135.00 (153#)

Neil, $145.00 ((216#)

Nicole, $135.00 (166#)

Patty, $135.00 (182#)

Ryan, $147.00 (193#)

Red Team

Amy, $135.00 (170#)

Bryan, $147.00 (205#)

David, $147.00 (205#)

Phil, $145.00 (233#)

Black Team

Bill, $202.00 (182#)

Jim, $202.00 (176#)

Hollie, $135.00 ((176#)

Isabeau, $135.00 (182#)

Jez, $145.00 (182#)

Julie, $135.00 (153#)

Again, these rates are assuming no health issues and qualifying for the best rates based on weight. I would be glad to throw the trainers into the mix as well, but unless someone can supply me with ages, height and weight, I can’t provide that information.

Bottom line. All life insurance companies use build charts, which by the way, are no where near as abusive as BMI charts. You don’t have to be Superman or Superwoman to qualify for the best rates. At 5’10, 177, I am considered overweight on a BMI chart and still have as much as 25#’s to spare to qualify for the best rate class with at least one of the top companies.