Aw, c’mon! Admit that you hide copies of Insurance News Net magazine in your closet, secretly run quotes on line for insane amounts of life insurance (who wouldn’t want to know what $300 million would cost) and you have this forum bookmarked because of the intrinsic lure of hearing how we can turn declines into approvals. No?

Well I don’t like Insurance News Net either. They talk far too much about non guaranteed life insurance products and not enough about the reality of the CEO who can’t seem to get approved for business life insurance because of a drinking problem that is long past, or the doctor who is being told by USAA that she can’t get the best rate class for her life insurance because she has ADHD. Business partnerships suffer because one of the partners can’t get life insurance to fund their half of a buy/sell agreement because he is HIV positive. An attorney can’t get family protection life insurance because he has type 1 diabetes. These are the kind of potholes most agents run into and can’t fix. These are the kinds of challenges I seek out and solve. I’ve done it for over 2000 clients in the last 16 years, clients that would have gone without the insurance they needed or paid far more than they should have.

I’m passionate about impaired risk life insurance and business life insurance, both areas where most agents and most companies fall well short of being able to provide the best values and the expertise it takes to do right by the client. At Hinerman Group we can get business life insurance in force in as little as 5 days for those up against a deadline. We shop every case to 20 of the best companies in the business when it comes to fair pricing for well controlled health issues. Most agents favor one company and call that company’s treatment of your life insurance application ” as good as it gets”. The truth is that the number one cause of life insurance declines or obscenely rated approvals is you chose the wrong agent and that agent chose the wrong company for your situation.

Bottom line.The good news is that do-overs are just a call or email away. If you know deep down that you have been mistreated because a life insurance underwriter ignored the fact that your health problem or risk is well controlled and they treated you the same as someone who has poor control, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk

Have you been declined or rated for life insurance, or believe you might have a hard time being approved? We can help get you, your family, or your business approved for life insurance at fair rates.

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